How To Impress People By Wearing Jewelry?

How to impress people by wearing jewelry

Want to make people memorable by the way how to match jewelry? Doing the following two things can make people unforgettable:


1. Know and follow the following principles of jewelry wearing in social etiquette:

(1) Small quantity of jewelry is better, preferably no more than three pieces.

(2) Strive for the same texture and color of necklace, earrings and rings etc.

(3) Jewelry should be n line with identity, role and social occasion.

(4) Echoes with the seasons.

(5) Follow local customs and do as the locals do.


2. Jewelry selection should be coordinated with clothing, and at the same time, it can play a role in enhancing the strengths and avoiding weaknesses of the body, such as:

1. Long-faced girls are suitable for wearing necklaces with a "round effect".

2. Girls with an inverted triangular face shape prefer short necklaces and collars, which can make the facial lines look softer, rounder and fuller.

3. For girls with round faces, avoid using round and fan-shaped necklaces, as this will make the face appear rounder. Longer necklaces should be worn to create a V-shaped effect and elongate the facial lines.

4. Girls with square faces are suitable for choosing pendants with sleek shapes, such as drop-shaped, oval, or long-arc necklaces, which can relax the angle of the face.

5. A girl with a diamond-shaped face is suitable for simple but dazzling accessories, such as a long single birthstone necklace.

6. A girl with an oval face is a better choice, and almost all jewelry styles can match it.

Wearing Birthstone jewelry with confidence


From the above is how to make you unforgettable in the crowd through simple jewelry matching ideas. Of course, you can also refer to more matching suggestions to choose the way you like. In any case, maintaining confidence is the best way to wear jewelry. Everyone should also live with this confident attitude and not live too much in the eyes of others, and confidence is the best match!

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