Peridot: Birthstone Jewelry for The August-borned

Peridot, the birthstone for August, rarely attracts special attention, but being a birthstone shows its long history. Legend has it that peridot is listed as one of the 12 gems on the sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Bible, the 12 gems represent that Jesus put every soul of the 12 tribes in his heart. These 12 gemstones are said to be the prototypes of today's birthstones.​

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Cleopatra, queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, who loves peridot. The important position of the coronation crown passed down by the British royal family from generation to generation is peridot. George IV led the trend of peridot. The famous Rockefeller family is also a fan of peridot. Birthstone is indispensable to the major jewelry brands design, which is deeply loved by designers.


Where does peridot come from?

Peridot was originally mainly produced from Zabajad Island in the Red Sea of ​​Egypt. Mogok, Myanmar is also an important producing area. Brazil is a big producer of colored gemstones. There are many grapefruit peridots from Brazil. China is also a peridot producer. From 2012 to 2017, the production of bare olivine in China has gradually increased from 1,018.4 kg to 21,772 kg.​

Is there peridot in outer space too?

Peridot is the only gemstone in the jewelry circle that also exists on other planets. As early as 1749, a meteorite weighing 680 kilograms was discovered in Siberia. There are many yellow-green crystals on this meteorite. After research, these crystals turned out to be Peridot!
In 1969, people had found evidence of the existence of olivine on the moon. That was when humans first landed on the moon and brought back 21.75Kg specimens from the moon. Later, after research and analysis, there were olives in the rocks and soil of these moons. stone. In 2003, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA released a report that olivine was also found on Mars.​ Scattered olivine can be seen in the meteorite.


How to choose meaningful birthstone stud earrings with peridot?

When shopping for peridot - August Birthstone Jewelry, we usually consider factors such as the color, clarity, cut and carat quality of the gemstone.​​

meaningful birthstone stud earrings August

(1) Color
Color is the main factor in determining the value of peridot. The color ranges from green, yellow-green, green-yellow, to brown-green. The color should be pure and uniform, without any brown or black tint. The best color is medium-dark yellow-green ( olive green).​

(2) Clarity
Peridot has good transparency and is divided into 5 grades internationally, including FI (flawless level), LI (small flaw level), MI (medium flaw level), HI (heavy flaw level), EI (extremely heavy flaw level) and so on. Therefore, peridot containing inclusions is not suitable for gemstones or mostly low-grade products. Internal water lily leaf inclusions

(3) Cut
Because peridot is generally more transparent, it is generally cut into faceted gemstones. Peridot with low transparency or more fractures is usually cut as a cabochon gemstone to make necklaces and bracelets, etc., but it is less valuable.​

(4) Weight
Large-grained olivine is rare, because it is prone to cracks, and the weight of olivine products is generally below 3ct, and the price of olivine products larger than 3ct also increases accordingly.


As a matter of fact, Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that symbolizes harmony, good health, and peace - a balancing option for the fiery personalities born in this month. In addition to peridot, August birthdays are also associated with the gladiolus, a stunning flower with multiple blooms that represents moral integrity, strength of character, and faith.However, we recommend you to explore our August birthstone jewelry to find gorgeous pieces that speak to your personality and aesthetic, If these symbols reverberate with you.

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