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The History of Birthstones

Birthstone jewelry is popular and becomes a perfect gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and other gift-giving holidays. But where did this tradition begin? Why do we associate a specific gemstone with each month of the year?

According to a report in the Western tradition, the first birthstones date back to the book of Exodus and the twelve stones on the breastplate of Aaron which signified the tribes of Israel. The prophet Moses commanded the Hebrew people to make a breastplate for Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrew people. That breastplate featured twelve gemstones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. The stones used in the breastplate differed depending on the translation and were not standardized until the eighth or ninth century. The Eastern and Western traditions intermingled during this time. The Eastern legend of stones protecting the wearer came to the West, and people began to believe their birthstone protected them or strengthened one of their natural attributes. Later, European jewelers formed the first birthstone listing, connecting each of the twelve gemstones to a specific month. The stones that represented each month varied widely based on religious tradition and culture.

Birthstones for Every Month


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January birthstoneDARK RED BIRTHSTONE -JANUARY: As the birthstone of January, garnet is a symbol of faith, love, and constancy are its attributes. Because of this, it's said that it might prevent nightmares and provide directional guidance in darkness. Wearers may see an increase in their self-image, power, and energy levels.
February birthstonePURPLE BIRTHSTONE - FEBRUARY: Amethyst, the traditional birthstone for February, is a symbol of strong relationships and courage. Purple crystals speak of peace, temperance, serenity, and royalty. It encourages self-control and strengthens the bond in a love relationship. This birthstone is also said to help steady a restless mind and bring mental and emotional well-being.
March birthstoneBLUE BIRTHSTONE -MARCH: Icy-blue aquamarine, the birthstone of this March, is a symbol of good health, youth, love, and hope. Wearing this birthstone is thought to be helpful to reawaken married love, build your courage and increase your happiness. Plus, blue gemstones are said to bring mental clarity and releases negative energy from the wearer.
April birthstoneWHITE BIRTHSTONE - APRIL: Diamond is the traditional birthstone for those born in April. The birthstone of this month is a symbol of purity, innocence, eternity, and courage. The beauty and brilliance of these crystals are unparalleled, and this birthstone represents eternal and true love, strength, and romance.


May birthstone

GREEN BIRTHSTONE - MAY: The bright green emerald honors those born in the greenest month - May. The birthstone of this month was a symbol of wisdom, growth, and patience. It has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. Ancient Romans went so far as to dedicate this birthstone of this month to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

June birthstoneOFF-WHITE BIRTHSTONE -JUNE:Alexandrite, the traditional birthstone for June, is a symbol of purity, modesty, and stable marriage relationships. They have long been a symbol of purity. Alexandrite does well to calm a restless mind and to control anger. It is believed that people who wear this birthstone can succeed in creative work and contribute to a successful married life.
July birthstoneRED BIRTHSTONE -JULY:The ruby birthstone encourages harmony and peace. This red birthstone grants its wearer both good luck and friendship. Their beauty speaks the character of strength and nobility. It is thought to protect its wearer from evil. The ruby birthstone is also associated with protection, enthusiasm, contentment, success, and integrity.
August birthstoneOLIVE BIRTHSTONE -AUGUST: Fresh, spring-green peridot is the traditional birthstone for August. The birthstone of this month is a symbol of strength. It was once believed that the green peridot crystals found in volcanic ashes were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele. According to tradition, you will be able to successfully ward off evil, enchantments, and depression if you wear or carry peridot.
September birthstoneROYAL BLUE BIRTHSTONE - SEPTEMBER: Royal blue sapphire, the traditional birthstone for September, marks the season shifting from summer to autumn. The sapphire is said to help relax and clear the mind. It also protects its owner from fraud, envy and ill health. This crystal's birthstone also represents hope, creativity, and innocence.
October birthstonePINK BIRTHSTONE -OCTOBER: As the birthstone of October, Tourmaline is a symbol of hope, creativity, and innocence. In addition to ensuring faithfulness and self-confidence, it also sharpens the mind and emotions. According to the legends, this complex and colorful birthstone jewelry is worn to repel evil.
November birthstoneYELLOW BIRTHSTONE -NOVEMBER: The birthstone of this month was a symbol of love and affection. These crystal stones are associated with strength and healing for both body and mind. They offer protection to travelers and support good mental health. It is also related to wisdom, strength, courage, and serenity.
December birthstonePEACOCK BLUE BIRTHSTONE - DECEMBER: The breathtaking blue Tanzanite is the stunning birthstone for December. It is a symbol of good fortune and success. It might relax the mind and protect its wearer from harm. Those born in the last month of the year are said to gain a pleasant disposition and patient attitude when wearing blue Tanzanite.