Discover Your Birth Flower: Unlocking Personalized Meanings Behind Each Blossom

Birthstones have been a common way to celebrate one’s birth month. However, have you ever heard of birth flowers? Just like birthstones, each month is associated with a specific flower that often blooms during that time of the year. These flowers have unique meanings and are believed to bring luck and protection to people born in those months.


Birth Flowers and Their Meaning

January Birth Flower

January Birth Flowers: Carnation

Carnations, translated from Greek as “flower of the gods”, come in various colors, each with its own meaning. In many cultures, they’re generally seen as symbols of love, fascination and remembrance. Pink carnations in particular have a special meaning as they represent maternal love, making them a popular choice for Mother’s Day gifts.



February Birth Flower

February Birth Flowers: Violet

If you’re born in February, the violet is your birth flower. Violets are delicate flowers recognized for their vibrant purple hues and heart-shaped petals. Typically, they symbolize modesty, faithfulness, innocence, and everlasting love.



March Birth Flower

March Birth Flowers: Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms announce the onset of spring, blooming with delicate, bubblegum-pink flowers. They symbolize beauty, renewal, and optimism.





April Birth Flower

April Birth Flowers: Daisy

Daisies are associated with the month of April and symbolize innocence, purity and true love. The flower is composed of two parts - the bright white petals and the sunny yellow center eye - that work together in perfect harmony, making it a perfect representation of true love.



May Birth Flower

May Birth Flowers: Lily of the Valley

The birth flower of May, the graceful lily of the valley, symbolizes sweetness, humility, and purity. As it blooms just before summer, it also represents a joyful return to happiness. These flowers are often chosen for bridal bouquets.




June Birth Flower

June Birth Flowers: Rose

Roses are the birth flower of June. These stunning flowers come in many colors, each with its own meaning. Red roses are well-known for love and romance, while yellow roses represent friendship and forgiveness. Pink roses are all about gratitude and appreciation.



July Birth Flower

July Birth Flowers: Lotus

The birth flower for July is the lotus. It's a symbol of purity, enlightenment, rebirth, and spiritual growth. Despite growing in muddy water, the lotus flower blooms beautifully, making it a powerful metaphor for human resilience and determination.




August Birth Flower

August Birth Flowers: Poppy

The vibrant poppy, associated with August, symbolizes remembrance, peace and hope. It’s often used to honor and remember soldiers who have lost their lives in battle.




September Birth Flower


September Birth Flowers: Peony

If you were born in September, the peony is your birthday flower. These flowers are famous for their big, full blossoms and are associated with romance, prosperity, and good luck. Peonies are loved for their beauty and grace, which is why they're often chosen for weddings and other important events.



October Birth Flower

October Birth Flowers: Marigold

Marigold flowers are popular for their bright orange and yellow petals. These beautiful flowers symbolize prosperity, optimism, and the dawn of a new day. In certain cultures, they are used for sacrificial decoration, as people believe that they can guide departed loved ones to the afterlife by shining brightly in the dark.



November Birth Flower

November Birth Flowers: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are the official birth flower of November. They're symbols of compassion, friendship, and joy, perfectly capturing the warm and sociable nature of people born in November.




December Birth Flower

December Birth Flowers: Daffodil

If you were born in winter, the daffodil is your birth flower. These enchanting flowers, also known as narcissus, symbolize rebirth, renewal, and prosperity. In some cultures, giving someone a bunch of daffodils is believed to protect them from bad luck.



Because of cultural differences or local flower availability, certain months have primary and secondary birth flowers. In some cases, a secondary flower may be a better choice for celebrations, especially if it's more readily available or in bloom in a particular region.


Blooming Beauties: Birth Flowers in Jewelry

By incorporating birth flowers into personalized jewelry, you can create meaningful pieces that celebrate the unique personality associated with your birth month, while also obtaining a wearable keepsake imbued with blessings.

Birth Flower Disc Necklace with Birthstone

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3D Birth Flower Necklace with Birthstone

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