What You Should Know About Peridot Birthstone

#The Introduction of Peridot

Peridot minerals are collectively called "Olivine" in English, among which gem-level peridot is called "Peridot", and the word peridot comes from the Arabic "faridat", which means "gem". About 3,500 years ago, peridot was discovered in St. John's Island, the territory of ancient Egypt, and it has been valued by Egyptian emperors as early as 1,500 years ago. It is a rather ancient gemstone.

Olivine is a magnesium iron silicate mineral, the iron (Fe) element contained in it determines the color of olivine. It is a self-colored gemstone (Self-Colored Gemstone), the color is relatively stable, mainly medium to dark grass green , yellow-green, brown-green to green, when the iron ion content is more, the color is darker.

The fresh green has a feeling of early spring, so peridot also swept the jewelry market like a spring breeze. Larger, more intensely colored peridots exude luxury and nobility, while smaller, more attractive peridots can be used in jewelry of all price points. August birthstone jewelry is also designed accordingly.

August Birthstone Jewelry - Peridot

#The Legend of Peridot

According to legend, on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea that is often filled with fog, there are often pirates haunted, and pirates from different groups often clash. In a large-scale conflict, the pirates inadvertently found a large number of gems, so everyone happily put down their weapons and embraced each other. According to the story of the olive branch in the Bible, the pirate leader called this crystal, transparent, and olive-like gemstone peridot. The legend of birthstoneSince then, peridot has been regarded by pirates as a token of turning war into jade and silk. It is precisely because peridot has a good wish to symbolize peace, some ancient tribes often exchanged peridot to express peace. In some temples in Jerusalem, there are still peridots inlaid thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt, peridot was called "the stone of the sun" or "the gem that flew from the sun" and was worshipped by people, so it was used as a talisman. People believed that the power of peridot was as strong as the sun. Expel evil and subdue demons. In Hawaii, people regard peridot as the tears of the volcano goddess Billie, perhaps because the local peridot is mostly produced in the volcanic rocks around the crater. . During the Crusades, peridot was introduced to Europe and became a must-have new favorite when people attended dinner parties. Because of the mysterious light of peridot in the evening lights, it was called "the emerald of evening". As far back as the time of Moses, the breastplate of the Jewish high priest Aaron was inlaid with twelve gems, each of which represented one of the twelve tribes of Israel, one of which was a peridot.

#The Symbol of Peridot

Peridot is a combination of yellow and green, with yellow symbolizing nobility and green symbolizing hope. For centuries, peridot has been used as a talisman to protect the wearer from disasters and evil spirits, helping to dispel negative energy and bring fresh, positive thinking. As the national stone of Egypt, peridot once held a revered status, loved and collected by pharaohs, or decorated in temples and churches, becoming a symbol of wealth and status. The luster of peridot is similar to vitreous luster. Its radiance is fluorescent or phosphorescent, and its properties often change with the external environment. Therefore, some people think that peridot symbolizes the potential energy of life and can be in any environment. Super resilience for survival. In North America, the Apaches also regard peridot as a holy stone, and use peridot to decorate various sacred objects. It can be seen that peridot plays a pivotal role in world culture, and has become an important spiritual sustenance for people in religion and culture.

Peridot has the reputation of "the stone of husband and wife", which symbolizes the happiness and harmony between husband and wife.But it's not only the 16th wedding anniversary gem, it's also the August birthstone.

August Birthstone Ring - Peridot

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