January Birthstone: The Alluring Garnet

What is January’s Birthstone?

Garnet is the birthstone for January and continues to be a popular  gemstone for both traditional and modern jewelry. Its name is derived from the Latin word “granatus”, meaning “seed”, and it is also resembles the appearance of a pomegranate seed. Garnet is a family of minerals that comes in a variety of colors. Red is the most traditional and popular, symbolizing love, passion and energy. 


January Birthstone Garnet


The Legend and History of Garnet

Garnets have been worshipped for more than 5000 years. They were often used in jewelry and art decoration. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed that garnet had protective properties, protecting against evil and providing guidance in the dark. In the Victorian era, garnets were popular in mourning jewelry due to their deep red color symbolizing love and loss. 

Bohemia discovered the famous Bohemian garnet deposits around 1500 and became the main source of garnets in the 19th century. Bohemian garnet jewelry, featuring clusters of small garnets, became popular throughout Europe.

In the modern times, garnet is still loved by people. It has been used as a January birthstone and remains a popular gemstone for both traditional and modern jewelry.

To celebrate January birthdays or to enhance your style, Birthstones Jewelry Inc offers a variety of January birthstone jewelry for you to choose from. The deep red color and unique design make it a perfect gift for your loved ones and for yourself.


January Birthstone Jewelry


The Color and Symbolism of Garnet

The most common garnet and the one traditionally associated with January, is the deep red garnet, which is associated with passion, energy and love. Some people may get confused and mistakenly think that ruby is the January birthstone because they are both red in color. However, rubies tend to be more vibrant than garnets and is the birthstone  of July.
Garnet is also found in a spectrum of hues including green, orange, purple and cool blue. Each color has its own unique meaning:
Green Tsavorite Garnet: Symbolizes growth, prosperity and new beginnings;
Orange Spessartite Garnet: Represents creativity, joy and warmth;
Purple demantoid Garnet: Represents luxury, royalty and spiritual awakening.
Regardless of the color, each garnet holds the promise of loyalty, commitment and trust. Garnet Jewelry is an ideal gift for 2nd wedding anniversaries and for those born in January.


The Benefits of Wearing the January Birthstone

  • Promote Emotional Balance

Garnet is believe to have emotional healing properties. It helps to balance your emotions, remove negative energy, and prevent you from wallowing in self-pity.

  • Boost Energy Levels

Garnet symbolizes energy. It reminds us to believe in our own inner strength and to remain courageous in the face of life's challenges. It is also often used to express blessing for succeeding in business.

  • Strengthen Relationships

As we mentioned above, garnet symbolizes love, passion and trust. Garnet is believed to strengthen relationships and increase mutual trust. It you give garnet to a friend who is about to go on a trip, it means that you wish him or her a safe return.


Caring for Your Garnet

Garnet, rated 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale, is a relatively hard gemstone, but should be handled with care. Avoid harsh chemical and violent cleaning, you can keep your garnet sparkling by simply cleaning it with warm soapy water and a soft brush.



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