Unveil the Secret of Projection Necklace

What is a Projection Necklace?

The projection necklace is a unique piece of jewelry that uses projection technology to display images or messages onto a surface. It features a tiny nano stone that looks like any other piece of jewelry, but it's not! Inside, it holds a precious photo or message. When illuminated by light, the stone projects the photo or message onto nearby surfaces. The two primary types are photo projection and message projection, each adding a unique touch of personalization to this enchanting accessory.

Photo Projection Necklaces: Capture precious moments by storing a cherished photo inside the pendant, allowing you to carry loved ones close to your heart wherever you go. Unlike traditional photo necklaces, projection necklaces offer an extra layer of privacy. Unless intentionally shared, your precious photos remain hidden from view.

Message Projection Necklaces: Sometimes called “100 Languages I Love You” necklaces, you can personalize them with a name or a short word. Once personalized, your chosen name is surrounded by “ I love you” in 100 languages and projected onto the wall when illuminated.


How do the Projection Necklaces Work?

Projection necklaces are a unique piece of jewelry crafted with special glass lenses and tiny images created using microphotography technology. These images, reduced to about 3mm in size, are delicately embedded within the glass lens.

When a light source, such as a cell hone flashlight, shines into the glass lens in dimly lit environment, the light travels through the lens, enlarging and projecting the image onto a flat surface, akin to a projector. Even when looking with the naked eye or through a mobile phone lens, you can see the images inside the glass lens.


How to Use the Projection Necklaces?

If you’re not sure how to use these projection necklaces, read on for three common methods:

Method 1: Using the Flashlight

Simply activate your phone’s flashlight, stand facing a wall and point the flashlight at the center stone. This will enlarge and project the internal content(image or text) onto the wall. For best results, make sure the environment is dimly lit.

Method 2: Using the Camera

Open your phone’s camera and aim the lens at the pendant stone. Once you find the right angle, you will see the image clearly on your phone screen.

Method 3: See Directly with Naked Eye

You can easily view your image without any special tools. Just hold the pendant stone in front of your eyes and look into the stone with one eye. For better results, hold it up to a light source.


A Gift that Sparkles with Meaning

Beyond it enchanting appeal, a projection necklace carries profound meaning, especially when presented as a gift. It offers a unique and subtle way to convey a heartfelt message or commemorate a cherished moment.

Delight your beloved with a photo projection necklace adorned with cherished memories. Relive precious moments together and feel the warmth of your close bond every time she wears it.

Projection necklace also makes an ideal gift for confession. Conceal your partner’s name in the stone and allow her to discover your deep affection.

Moreover, give your friend a projection necklace engraved with a motivational quote to inspire her to pursue her dreams.


Caring Tips for Projection Necklaces

Here are some care tips to help your projection necklace and its precious memories last longer:

1. Use a clean, soft cloth to gently wipe the lens if you notice any black dots or hair-like particles on the image. Avoid wiping too hard to prevent scratching the lens.

2. Avoiding exposing your projection necklace to water. Do not wear it to the pool or beach to prevent potential damage.

3. To protect your necklace from moisture and prevent tarnishing, store it in a cool, dry place, such as jewelry box.

4. Keep your necklace away from perfume and other chemicals, including chemical jewelry cleaners, as they may tarnish or damage the necklace.


More than just a fashion statement, projection necklaces turn those precious moments into a wearable accessory imbued with deep meaning. Whether you’re looking for a personalized gift for a loved one or a meaningful accessory to enhance your own style, protection necklaces make for the perfect choice.


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