What You Should Know About Sapphire Birthstone

The English name of sapphire is "Sapphire", which is derived from the Greek "Sappheiros", which means "blue stone". Sapphire is a general term for corundum gemstones other than ruby ​​in corundum. Sapphire can be pure blue, or greenish blue to indigo.

The reason for the color of sapphire is that it contains titanium (Ti) and iron (Fe) elements inside. And color is an important key to the value of sapphire. Generally speaking, the more intense the color and does not contain obvious color gamut, the more valuable the sapphire is.


▼ Rough sapphire (left), polished sapphire (right).
rough sapphirepolished sapphire

#Fancy Sapphire

The main component of Corundum is alumina (Al2O3), which has strong pleochroism and is colorless in its purest state. However, colorless corundum is very rare. Most corundums contain other trace elements. The interaction of different elements will produce different colors, which will directly determine the color tone of the gemstone, and the content determines the saturation of the hue.

When corundum contains trace amounts of chromium (Cr) elements, it appears red, that is, rubies; when it contains trace amounts of iron (Fe), titanium (Ti) elements, it appears blue; when it contains iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), etc. element, yellow.

Therefore, in the corundum series, in addition to blue sapphires and rubies, there are also so-called colored sapphires (Fancy Sapphire), which have various colors, such as green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, black, brown, etc. , and even multiple colors can exist on the same gemstone at the same time. These colors of corundum are usually described by color, such as: Yellow Sapphire, Green Sapphire, etc. In the gemstone world, when jewelry industry professionals use the term "Sapphire" alone, they usually refer to "Blue Sapphire."

Colored sapphires are usually less abundant than blue sapphires, and some colors are scarce, especially large-carat colored sapphires.

fancy color sapphire

#The Legend of Sapphire

Richard Burton, a famous 19th-century explorer and author of The Thousand and One Nights, owned a huge star sapphire, which he regarded as a talisman that would bring him good luck wherever he went. It is said that just by looking at a sapphire, all the heart desires will come.

Legend has it that there was a young man named Banda, who was brave and righteous. In order to maintain the peace of the people, he turned himself into a huge flying arrow in a fight with the devil, and pierced the devil's throat deeply. The vicious Demon King struggled desperately before dying, and in the process smashed a corner of the sky, causing the stars in the sky to fall one after another. Some of the stars stained with the Demon King's blood turned into star rubies, while those without blood became star sapphires.

The ancient Persians believed that the earth inhabited by humans was supported by a huge sapphire, and the sky was blue because of the brilliance reflected by the sapphire.

▼ Natural sapphire diamond ring: Since ancient times, sapphire has symbolized "the color of nobility", also known as "the stone of success". The diamonds and sapphires are bright and dazzling, and the simple design of the ring body can better show the taste and texture.

Natural sapphire diamond ring

#The Symbol of Sapphire 

The Symbol of SapphireFor centuries, Sapphire has been believed to have a magical power that brings peace of mind to the wearer, and has been used to adorn the crowns, gowns, and robes of the clergy of the kings of the British Empire and Russian tsars. The star sapphire is known as the "Stone of Destiny" because of its brilliant star color. The three shining star rays represent "loyalty, hope, and fraternity", which are said to bless the wearer's safety and bring good luck. In Eastern legends, sapphire is likened to a guiding light, which can protect the wearer from evil, get rid of bad luck and bring good luck, even after the gem is gone. People believe that sapphire is a testimony to love, while others believe it represents loyalty and soul. It is said that if the person who wears sapphire jewelry is not faithful, the sapphire will fade. Many men give sapphires to their lovers to judge whether their sweethearts have changed their minds; while women wear sapphire jewelry to show their loyalty to their husbands, so the custom of using sapphire as a token of love is formed.


Sapphire has long been considered a symbol of royalty and romance. The romance was reinforced in 1981 when Britain's Prince Charles gave Princess Diana a blue sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire is not only the birthstone for September, but also the gemstone for the 45th wedding anniversary, so loving couples who have been married for 45 years are also known as "sapphire weddings". The inner ring of the ring is set with a birthstone to create a unique value for your ring.


The inner ring of the ring is set with a birthstone to create a unique value for your ring. In this coming September, it is also a good choice to buy a September birthstone jewelry for yourself or a loved one.

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